Meet & Greet Part 2 – Nicholas James; our type 1 diabetic…

This blog’s homepage entreats you to ‘picture a house of three: one type-1 diabetic, one carb-intolerant who needs to shift a couple of stone; and a spoilt Burmese cat’.

My name is Adam, and we have already been introduced in my earlier post: Meet & GreetIn the above description, I am the one who is ‘carb-intolerant’ and needs to shift a couple of stone! (In case you were wondering…).

You have also encountered the third member of our household, Zadok (the spoilt Burmese cat). You’ll have met him in my post Mascots.

Now it is time to meet the second; Nicholas James; who will also be contributing to this blog from time to time.

In case the process of elimination hadn’t quite managed to signpost the fact; Nicholas James (NJ) is our type-1 diabetic.

My own research on the subject highlighted that a ketogenic diet can also be brilliant for diabetics, due to its ability to lower insulin-dependence and stabilise blood-sugars. Two weeks into my own diet, NJ decided to take the plunge and try it for a day. The results were so good, so immediately, that a week later he is still going strong and hasn’t looked back!

But this is supposed to be his introduction, not mine. So over to him…

“Now, time for a different voice on this blog.

A voice that, unlike Adam’s, is not so much concerned with early morning walks, dewy cobwebs and planks. My name is Nick, and as much as I love living in the countryside and the outdoor pursuits it offers, my real interest in contributing to this blog comes from the fact that I am a Type 1 diabetic. As I’m already in fairly good shape and not wanting to shift pounds, I am keen to investigate the effects of a ketogenic diet on blood glucose levels rather than weight loss.


Here I am cooking dinner on one of our camping trips BK (Before Ketosis). If memory serves me well, it was a pork and bean casserole with pak choi and basmati rice, which is typical of the wholesome, carbohydrate centred food both Adam and I would eat BK.

I’m very excited to be making this journey into the unknown with regards my blood-glucose, not because they are currently drastically out of control, but because I know they could be just that bit more stable.

I know the idea of low carb diets for diabetics is not a new concept, a dieticians manual from 1917 advocated just that, but today no diabetics I know seem to be following it, and it has never been suggested to me by any medical professional.  Maybe I’m about to find out why, but I truly hope by the end of this journey I’ll be able to ask them ‘why not’?”

As time goes on, we’ll be hearing from NJ with his own thoughts, views and findings on how a ketogenic diet works for diabetics. This is not something I can personally comment on because I (thankfully) do not suffer from that affliction.

NJ has coped with it brilliantly and we are all proud of his progress (no more than he himself, I am sure). I am just grateful that he can join me for the ride, and provide a little light relief along the way, for when you get bored of my own repetitive ramblings….

Well, you have now met all three of us. As always, thank you for reading and we’ll update you on soon on our progress!

Fond regards,



2 thoughts on “Meet & Greet Part 2 – Nicholas James; our type 1 diabetic…

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