Week 0 – Day 1, the start of it all… Sun 28th September 2014

As I detailed in my earlier post The Great Fat Meltdown! Weight, Targets & the Point of All ThisI have made the decision to shape up, slim down & become a healthier, fitter ‘me’. My key to doing this is the ketongenic diet or LCHF (low carb, high fat).

Every Sunday I shall mount the scales & report my weight on this blog. Waist measurement will also be taken once a month.

I hadn’t yet had the idea to write this blog when I first started the diet; so the first few ‘weekly reports’ are retrospective.

This post looks back 3 weeks to week 0, day 1; the first day of the diet (28th Sept 2014).

The following body-stats are my ‘start weight’ and width. Weight: 15 stone, 10 pounds. Waist circumference: 45 inches. Both pretty grim!!!

Target weight (unless that ends up being too skinny): 12 stone, 6 pounds. Waist circumference: no idea!!!! Whatever a 12.5 stone waist circumference looks like; and certainly out of the 40+ inch danger-zone.

I have been to the shops, filled the fridge with keto-friendly fare, and off-loaded whatsoever carb-loaded foodstuffs I had left onto family, friends and neighbours. Lucky them!

I am motivated, excited and feeling VERY MUCH in need of a diet. I hate my body shape. I could either ignore it & carry on avoiding the bathroom mirror for the rest of my life; or do something about it. I have chosen the latter.

Wish me luck!



2 thoughts on “Week 0 – Day 1, the start of it all… Sun 28th September 2014

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