Mark Sisson at Mark’s Daily Apple has his Grok…

Dr Andreas Eenfeldt at Diet Doctor has an inexplicably attractive self-styled cartoon-avatar with a frying-pan and broccoli…

Abel James at Fat-Burning Man has the definitive Cheshire-Cat grin and a torso (everywhere)…

It seems that in the ketogenic community, you are no-one unless you have a mascot. ‘Country Walks in Ketosis’ is therefore jumping on this band-wagon! Introducing… ‘Keto-Kat’!

Sad, I know; but he is over-weight, needs to move to a LCHF diet (watch this space, subject to research on feline dietary-requirements) and is one of the three main protagonists in this blog.

Introductions done, now for a picture (yes, I am ashamed of this; but not enough to stop me doing it!)…

Back Camera



2 thoughts on “Mascots

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