Decadent Dark Chocolate Orange & Almond Torte – Low Carb Heaven!


One of the true pleasures of the ‘low carb lifestyle’ is gateau without guilt! You can truly have “cake without the complex”; and it doesn’t get much better than this one!

The combination of rich dark chocolate and delicately perfumed orange is sensational on every level – a true time-honoured classic! You’d never know this was a low carbohydrate pudding – the rich density of ground almonds gives it that ‘brownie’ feel, which contrasts perfectly with the heady velvet of the decadent cream cheese topping. The richness is artfully reined in by the aromatic softness of orange oil, which lends the finished cake an air of ‘refined dignity’ and elegance. If you’re looking for a low carbohydrate option for Christmas, this could be it!

And above all; it’s a doddle to make! This is a ‘one bowl’ mix, which means no mess, no fuss; just the pure pleasure of time spent in the kitchen!

Like all recipes on this blog; this cake is perfect for diabetics and anyone following a low carb or ketogenic lifestyle. All ingredients are 100% natural – so wholesome goodness is all you’re getting! So much so, you’ll deserve a second slice!

Start by measuring out 10oz of xylitol sweetener into a large mixing bowl. It’s the only bake-stable sweetener, plus it weighs out ‘like for like’ with traditional sugar, which makes cooking with it a joy. No messing around with conversion charts or calculating substitute values. Add to that, it’s not synthetic; so there are no hidden nasties, which often cause a worry with other mainline sweeteners.

Into the same bowl, tip 12oz of ground almonds, a teaspoon of baking powder and 3oz of cocoa powder. That may seem a lot, but we’re being decadent after all!

Break in 6 large eggs and then pour in a large teaspoonful of orange oil. Follow this with a cupful of sunflower oil, or enough to bring the mix to a reluctant dropping consistency. Stir lovingly together, then spoon into a lightly oiled baking tin.

Bake in a medium oven [circa 160 degrees C) for approximately 40 minutes, or until the top is politely firm to the touch [not soft or gooey]. Take out of the oven and leave to cool, until no greater than room temperature.

In the meantime, make your orange icing / frosting topping. This couldn’t be easier.

Spoon out circa 500g / 2 packets of full fat cream cheese into your mixing bowl. Measure in a cupful of powdered table-top sweetener [splenda or the like]. Add a further teaspoon of orange oil and a generous glug of double cream [circa 4 tablespoons, to half a cup]. Whisk altogether until thick and smooth, then taste to adjust the sweetness or level of orange if required. Then transfer to the fridge until the cake has cooled.

Once ready; turn your cake out of the tin and spread the cream-cheese frosting thickly on top. Serve with toasted flaked almonds, a sprinkle of cocoa and a quick grate of fresh orange zest. Then dig in! Heaven on a plate!

I hope you like it. We did!

Thanks for reading and bon ap!