Take a walk with me

Sedentary lifestyle & poor food-choices were increasingly becoming a real problem for me. They were impacting not only my waistline, but also my health.

Having identified the ketogenic-diet as a potential solution to both these issues; I also made a second resolution – to bring a little more movement back into life ! This comes in the form of an early morning walk of at least one mile every day.

These walks provide valuable thought-time. They also give me the opportunity to take in a little of the beautiful scenery which surrounds where I live.

A few nice pictures will help intersperse my ramblings on food, bathroom-scales and blood-glucose with something a little easier on the eye.

To accompany me and take in the sights; simply select Country Walks from the drop-down menu above.

To learn a little bit about who’s in the kitchen and guiding you on your ‘virtual walks’, click meet your hosts. It’ll be a pleasure to make your acquaintance.

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