The Plank – The Sequel!

Those of you who’ve followed this blog for a length of time, may remember back to October when I first described my daily walk around the fields.

One of the highlights (or lowlights!) of the morning ramble remains the terrifying obstacle of the plank! (see original post under hyperlink: the plank). The steep, muddy banks of the stream are particularly slippy; and the wood itself becomes perilously icy in bad weather.

Well now, thanks to the community-mindedness of a local farmer; a new option presents itself. Behold – the plank, the sequel!


To be honest with you; I’m not at all sure about this! I now have a choice of two potentially lethal homespun footbridges to cross, and identifying the lesser of both evils is not straightforward….

Do I prefer…

Short or long?

Flat or bumpy?

2 foot drop into icy stream or 4 foot?

Feeling wimpy, or brave and heroic?

Other than the ability to re-enact ‘Dirty Dancing in Ketosis’; there’s not much to choose between them!

I think over the next week I may try ‘one day the plank’, ‘next day the trunk’!; until I eventually decide which best suits my timorous nature! I’ll let you know which option wins out.

Whatever you get up to today, try to be a little braver than me!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day,



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