All salute the spring…

As the wintry white carpet of snow and frosts gradually begins to thaw; another carpet of purest white slowly starts to emerge. From out the still icy ground, a shiver of snowdrops lifts shimmering to life; delicate and fleeting, but a first and sure sign that spring is finally on its way.


Whilst it may be premature to say that ‘spring has sprung’; that spring is tightly coiled and it won’t be long before all bursts back into life. It is a pent-up and restless energy which communicates itself frenetically to all of nature – sudden birdsong breaks forth from out the trees and the bushes’ brave buds sprout silent & spontaneous from stalk and stem.

Another sign that the seasons are on the turn, is the mists which once again rise up from the still solid soil. The sun is finally strong enough to evaporate the dew; albeit haltingly and in patches.


We are by no means safely out of winter’s grasp; but that vice-like grip has loosened; it’s certainly sufficient to let a little light into the freeze of February, so that’s good enough for me!

Whatever you do today, be sure to look out for the signs of spring. For it will soon be upon us.


Thanks for reading and enjoy the day,



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