What ‘grows up’, must come down…

The farmers have been busy on the hedgerows, thinning out the tough previous season’s growth to make way for spring’s abundance of fresh, green leafy shoots.

In this particular instance however, I feel things may have gone just that little bit too far


It rather puts me in mind of the time I requested a slightly too enthusiastic haircut. My ears have never felt so chilled, and I had to walk around for a whole month in a rather foppish tweed cap. Unfortunately, the trees do not have that luxury.

In the fair State of Ketosis, weight loss and ‘shrinking down’ is therefore very much the spirit of the day! Even the local shrubs and trees are at it!

At the very least I suppose, it’s another sign that spring is on its way, and we must make ready.

On the off-chance you’re booked in for a haircut today; heed this word of caution – go steady!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day!



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