The Moon-Dial…


In a far-flung reach of the garden stands a strange and mysterious statue. Its surface is pitted and time-worn; no-one knows when it was built, or for what purpose.

On these cold and frosty winter nights, the moon hangs huge and resplendent against a grey-black sky. Gradually, its light falls on the statue, which then casts an ominous shadow over the frozen, silvered grass. As if like a finger, it points resolutely to some unknown destination; signposting a dark path into the woods, which none dare to follow.

For this reason, it’s come to be known as the ‘moon-dial’.

If the moon’s magnetic power is sufficient to pull the great oceans, moulding their unfathomable depths into ever-changing surges and tides; who am I to rule out its other more subtle effects and powers..? The sight of the winter moon is truly awe-inspiring; a sight I both respect and admire. But one that I’d much rather contemplate from the comforting warmth of my bed, gazing safely out of the misty, frosted window-panes…

But in the cold grey mornings, as daylight tremblingly takes hold; the moon-dial serves another purpose. I watch patiently, waiting for the giant moon to sink below the statue’s orb, and the weak sun rise above it, before I haltingly pull on my wellies and venture out into the steely cold. Before this point, it is far too dark and bitter to face the morning frosts. The moon-dial becomes my own personal alarm-clock; a sign that it’s time to wake up and grudgingly start the day.

But thankfully with each passing dawn, the sun gets stronger and stronger. We are all ready for the spring, and as the days slowly lengthen, we take heart knowing it’s not far around the corner.

Whatever you get up to today, enjoy the daylight hours and be sure to keep an eye out for the increasing signs of spring. For they bring warmth and relief to the soul.

Thanks for reading,



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