Keto-Cocktails – Mojito time!!!!


After a hard day at work, it’s fair to say that a little treat is in order! And a low-carb diet has plenty to offer on the treat-front!

Alcohol is never great for a diet; but I certainly don’t believe that life should go on hold when you’re trying to lose weight! You just have to be more discerning, and in my book that’s no bad thing! When first starting a diet, it’s best to avoid alcohol for two weeks; but after that, you can welcome it back with open arms!

The carb-count of beer and wine renders them strictly out of bounds for weight-loss; but thankfully there’s a whole host of other treats on offer which the ketogenic-dieter or diabetic can enjoy! And what could be better than the cool, refreshing taste of mojito to start the evening…? Its freshness and pizzazz cleanse the palette and lift the soul. A little sun in life is just what the doctor ordered, on a cold winter’s evening, such as this!

With regards white-rum, the bottle states 0g of carbohydrate; the Atkins website states 0.1g net carbs per 100ml. Either way, the latter figure in no way breaks the ‘carb-bank’!

You must have heard the expression “if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!”. Well I offer an alternative plan… If the temperature gets too hot, have a mojito! A couple of these will sooth even the most fevered of brows. So give yourself an excuse and prepare three courses on the trot! Standing over a hot oven for that length of time will certainly warrant a refreshing break. And this is just the thing!

Take a tall glass and add a couple of lime segments. Sprinkle on a tablespoon of Xylitol granulated sweetener, then tear a small handful of mint leaves over the top. With a firm elbow and a trusty rolling-pin, pulverise the lot until you get a rough paste (I believe the official term is muddle). If it helps, imagine someone who’s irritated you that day, then get well and truly stuck in!

Half fill the glass with ice, then pour on a generous double-measure of white rum. Run a lime wedge liberally around the rim of the glass, then fill to the brim with fresh, fizzy soda water.

Make sure to take a sip whilst the bubbles are still ‘playful’. The first taste is always the best!

A true flavour of exotic paradise!

Whilst you’re sipping, take a look at my gin and tonic post. Why not invite some friends over for cocktails!

Thanks for reading and bottoms up!



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