Keto-Cocktails – Gin is ‘in’!


Alcohol is never great for a diet, but let’s face it; we’re all human! As long as a degree of moderation is applied, a little bit of what you fancy won’t go too far astray! When first starting a diet, it’s best to avoid alcohol for two weeks; but after that, it can start making the odd guest appearance of an evening. I’ve lost 11 pounds in 5 weeks, drinking alcohol from week 3. The proof is therefore in the pudding!

I must admit to being partial to a good stiff tipple. The carb-count of beer and wine is prohibitive for weight-loss; but thankfully one of my firm favourites is well and truly on the cards – the majestic & dependable gin & tonic.

This has been a stalwart of English life for the past 300 years. Also known as “mother’s ruin”; I can think of few things I’d rather be ruined by than this. Sadly, so many people get it wrong, and produce something which is wholly disappointing and indifferent at best. Like everything in life, gin must be done properly. There’s no excuse for failure.

Crisp, clean and refreshing is what you’re aiming for. The glass must be long, with lots of ice and a good squeeze of lime. Nothing else will do. I’m not snobby about which gin you use. Yes, some are better than others; but how you make it is by far the most important factor.

The bottle states 0g of carbohydrate; the Atkins website states 0.1g net carbs per 100ml. Either way it’s no great shakes! A couple of these whilst preparing dinner, adds verve and pizzaz to the cooking experience. So try it my way, and get back to me with the results!

Take a tall glass. Yes, tall. Half fill with ice, then run a lime wedge liberally around the rim of the glass. Pour in your gin, then squeeze the lime wedge over the gin and swirl the glass. Fill to the brim with fresh, fizzy Indian tonic-water (diet), then take a good long sip whilst the bubbles are still effervescent enough to tickle your nose.

Heaven in a glass!

Thanks for reading and bottoms up!


P.S. – one gin and tonic; two gins and tonic. Getting this wrong in polite English society will mean you’re never invited back!


2 thoughts on “Keto-Cocktails – Gin is ‘in’!

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