Happiness is a muddy puddle…


We’ve had a lot of rain over the last few days, but now the sun is trying its level best to shine through.

But every cloud has a silver-lining; in this case quite literally!

What sheer and unmitigated joy is to be found in launching oneself with verve & vigour into the deep, murky centre of a large muddy puddle!

It is for such things that the humble Wellington was born, and we should give unequivocal thanks.

Personally speaking, I like to look around around me to make sure no-one’s in the vicinity; then let out a gigantic whoop as I sail through the air and land with a rich and rewarding splat!

Your inner-child deserves a treat, so indulge yourself post haste!

Whatever you get up to today, make sure to find the time for a little joy. It’s a true tonic to the soul!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day.



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