Compare my (well sort of). When it comes to weight, think global, act local!

The god old BEEB has just published a wonderful new tool. I found out about it via the Diet Doctor. Thank you Dr Eenfeldt!

The ‘body fat calculator’ measures your BMI and then quantifies it by comparing it against the rest of the world.

It tells me that I’m  just into the overweight bracket with a body-mass-index of 25. I knew that already, so no great shakes there! But what I didn’t know was the comparison. This at least goes some way to making one feel better about oneself!

I am well below the national average for UK males of my age; I have a lower BMI than 73% of males in this country in their 30s. That must mean we’re an obese bunch!

But on a global level I fare slightly worse. I have a higher BMI than 60% of males my age in the world. This is definitely a case of think global, act local when it comes to weight!

Apparently this best mirrors the population of Estonia. So for any Estonian readers out thereilusat päeva! It seems we have a lot in common.

The hyperlink is below. If you have any interesting results, I’d be keen to hear them via comments.

Global Weight Comparison

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day.



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