Spatchcocked Roast Chicken Satay with Buttered Greens & Cauliflower Rice – a low-carb masterpiece!


Spatchcocking poultry is far easier than it looks. But why go to all the effort? Quite simply, the meat will cook far more quickly, as a greater surface-area is exposed to the heat. This makes the manifest joys of dishes like roast chicken easily accessible on a week-night! What would normally take two hours in the oven, only takes one, which is much needed when you’re late home from work!

Cauliflower rice is my new big discovery! I shall devote a specific post to its wonders later in the week; but trust me when I say, it’s one of those low-carb, diabetic and gluten-free dishes that will change your life! It adds that all important “fill-factor”, which can sometimes be missing on a ketogenic diet. Expect to see it cropping up a lot on this site therefore!

Satay is always a pleasure to cook. The thick, richness of the sauce is aromatic and truly satisfying. Above and beyond that, it’s incredibly easy to make! This dish may look carb-heavy and time-consuming, but in actual fact, it only takes an hour and couldn’t be simpler! Take my word for it – it will soon become a staple in your low-carb repertoire!

Start by spatchcocking your chicken. This is done by cutting down the length of the breastbone with a very sharp knife. This will open the chest-cavity, which you then break back on itself to flatten the bird out. Once done, trim the parson’s nose and neck-end, so that you have a nice neat butterfly. It’s worth noting that with a sharp knife, this is simple and takes 2 minutes. With a blunt knife, you’ll be hacking for hours and the finished product will very much reflect that. Like all things therefore, preparation pays off! Sharpen your knife.

Season the skin-side, applying a liberal amount of rock-salt and a good shake of dried herbs. Into a hot oven it goes for one hour, or until golden and crisp.

Meanwhile, slice an onion and sauté in butter / oil until translucent. Then add chopped chilli and garlic and cook for a further two minutes. Shake in a good teaspoon of ground-cumin and coriander then, once the mix starts to clump, pour in a cupful of water. Add 2 chicken stock cubes and reduce to half its volume. Once reduced, stir in two large tablespoons of natural, unsweetened peanut butter and simmer on a low heat until thickened. If it gets too dry, pour in a little water. The texture we’re aiming for is melted chocolate. Immediately prior to serving, add a good squeeze of fresh lime-juice and chopped coriander. This lifts the dish and adds a freshness which cuts through the rich density of the peanut-butter.

If you’re having additional vegetables (I used mange tout), steam them for two minutes then toss in butter.

Whilst the sauce is reducing, pulse cauliflower-florets in a food-processor until they’re finely chopped to the size of rice-grains. Experience dictates that one cauliflower is best done in two batches to prevent purée! Sauté your ‘riced’ cauliflower in butter for 2-3 minutes, checking the texture at intervals to ensure it doesn’t over-cook and go soft. Once the required texture is achieved, pile onto your serving-dish and place the chicken beside it.

Spoon your sauce over the rice and chicken, then garnish with a flurry of chopped coriander. Rush to the table and serve piping hot. Delectable!

Thanks for reading and bon ap!



5 thoughts on “Spatchcocked Roast Chicken Satay with Buttered Greens & Cauliflower Rice – a low-carb masterpiece!

  1. Mashed cauliflower casserole sounds amazing. One of the few things I miss is mashed potato! I get around this with celeriac, but I’m always keen to learn something new. I look forward to seeing your recipe. Thanks for the comment, Adam.


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  3. I love Spatchcocked Roast Chicken Satay with Buttered Greens & Cauliflower Rice – a low-carb masterpiece! .. I think it will taste great to have it with peanut sauce. Thanks for the recipe. but I think I’d end up choosing the easy method rather than the best one.


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