Earthy & Aromatic Spanish Chicken with Chorizo, Aubergine & Buttered Savoy. A bowlful of low-carb comfort!

spanish chicken

The earthy flavours of chorizo and cumin are just the thing when the dark evenings start to draw in. They’re very much a staple in our household. I’m often late home from work, and crave something that’s simple, yet tastes anything but!

The depth of flavour in this dish lends the impression it’s been cooking for hours. But because you can just leave it in the oven, it won’t take up a fraction of your time. As there are no carbs, diabetics & ketogenic-dieters can dig in without qualms. And believe me – they will!

Season the chicken-skins and sprinkle with herbs. Roast in a hot oven for circa 45 mins to an hour, or until the chicken-pieces are golden and crisp.

Meanwhile heat some olive oil in a pan and sauté some chopped, cooking-chorizo. Add onion, garlic, mushrooms & diced aubergine, then cook on a medium heat until soft. Sprinkle on turmeric, paprika & dried thyme, then de-glaze the pan with dry sherry or white wine. If you have any orange-flower water, it adds a nice fragrant edge; a cap-full should be fine. Pour on some water, until the mix is up to its ears in liquid. Crumble in chicken stock-cubes then reduce down to a third of the liquid’s volume. Add chopped olives & check for seasoning.

Finely chop your savoy-cabbage, rinse, then add to a pan with the water still clinging to it. Throw in some butter and salt, then cook with the lid on for 5 minutes until tender. Serve up alongside the chicken in big bowls, then spoon the sauce all over the top. Autumnal perfection itself!

Enjoy and thanks for reading. Bon ap!



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