Bratwurst & Taleggio with Rocket Salad – a Quick Keto Lunch


This one is incredibly simple and quick.

Bratwurst is great. It reminds me of being on holiday in Germany & is quick to cook. It’s very low carb too. You sometimes have to be careful with sausages, as your traditional English ‘banger’ often contains breadcrumbs (a definite keto-no-no!).

Place the sausages onto a backing tray, with a little oil so they don’t stick. Into the oven for 20 minutes and you’re away!

Taleggio is a pungent, soft-rinded cheese from Lombardy, Italy. It has that pleasing ‘bite’ and is surprisingly mild, given its strong aroma. It works well in salads, due to its texture and mouth-feel – a perfect contrast to both crunchy and butter-leafed salads alike!

Wild rocket leaves, mange-tout and Taleggio, mixed in a bowl. Season, then glug over a good quality olive oil. Serve alongside the sausages. A quick and perfect ketogenic lunch!

I must confess to having had three sausages in the end! That is the joy of the ketogenic diet: deprivation and feelings of lingering hunger are a thing of the past!

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