All herald the hoar-frost…!


As I stepped outside for my dawn walk this morning, a familiar stranger was waiting to greet me. The earth lay glimmering with a myriad tiny shards of ice and a new ‘bite’ was in the air; one that nipped viciously at my nose and fingers.

The first of the hoar-frosts had come.

I jumped back into the house and went to reacquaint myself with another old friend… the much loved Winter-coat! The light-weight Summer jacket was suddenly out of its depth. The icy grip of Winter is on its way!

One of my most treasured possessions is my brown leather bomber-jacket. I love it so much I’ve even snapped a picture of it to show you! It is ‘buttery soft’, with a thick downy padding that cossets you against the cold. This lends it a pleasing, sturdy weight, in spite of its softness. When you wear it, it whispers silently “I’ll shield you from anything”.

As I chugged ’round the field in my wellington-boots, my breath puffing and condensing like a steam-train;  I buried my hands deep into the pockets of my favourite jacket.

I smiled and was happy.


Thank you for reading and enjoy the day,



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