One man’s struggle for survival in… “The Quest for Breakfast!” Coming soon to a blog near you…

Sometimes the morning walks serve a greater purpose than just exercise & thought-time alone… Sometimes, they’re a mission & a fight for sheer survival…!

All that stands between breakfast and our hungry man-in-wellies, is a treacherous & death-defying landscape of unknown perils…

To reach the eggs, which lie in a box at a distant farm over the fields…

Will he make it through the savage and terrifying jungle….????


Will the bridge of doom prove his undoing …?


Will ‘the plank’ herald his demise, sending him to a cold & watery grave…?


Or does a more gruesome, foul and tortuous fate await him in the jaws of THE HUNGRY, RAVENING MONSTER!!??


Dare he hope win his one true prize??? That elusive and highly coveted ‘dozen of breakfast eggs’?????


Yes he did dare. They cost him one pound sixty pence and were very nice thank you.

With script-writing skills like this, it’s amazing I haven’t been snapped up by a film-studio years ago….! The invitation must have got lost in the post!

Thanks for reading,



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