Creamy, Mild, Cauliflower, Celery & Coconut Korma with Griddled Local Scallops & Crevettes. Equally good with chicken, lamb or pork. Low carb doesn’t get much better than this!


This dish was previously part of another post: a ‘starter & main course combo’. I was asked if I could separate the two, to make it easier to search the recipes. This seems like a very good idea, so thank you for the suggestion!

The great thing about this dish, is not just that it’s low carb; the korma can very much stand on it’s own as a main course, or be accompanied by any number of other things. If you’re not a huge fan of seafood; don’t let this stop you giving this a go; you can equally use chicken, pork or lamb to equally stunning effect! All low carb, all diabetic-friendly & delicious!

So start with the korma. Peel and slice an onion, which you then sautee in butter or oil (to your preference). If butter, control the heat so that the butter doesn’ brown. Add chopped garlic and chilli, volume dependent on how strong you like things.

Soften these until the onions are translucent. Then add spices (curry powder if easier). I used cumin, ground coriander, a pinch of ginger, turmeric & fenugreek.

Whilst these are filling the kitchen with a heady aroma, chop your cauliflower and throw into the pan. Do the same with your celery. Pour on a centimetre depth of water and season. Whilst the water is reducing, open a can of coconut milk (make sure it’s full fat) and add half of it to the pan. I then crumbled in a couple of chicken stock-cubes, for ‘warmth’; but these are not essential.

Leave the pan on a low heat for 10 minutes or so, until the coconut milk starts to thicken (see below). Add a tablespoon of ground almonds for texture and body, then stir and give it a good taste.

Depending on how much chilli you’ve put in, the dish will probably need a little sweetening. Xylitol is very much the low-carb, diabetic-friendly sweetener of choice. It’s 100% natural, doesn’t lose its sweetness in cooking (unlike tabletop sweetener) and behaves to all intents and purposes like granulated sugar. I couldn’t praise it enough! Finish off with a handful of chopped herbs (coriander or basil are just perfect).

Whilst the korma is finishing, have your scallops and crevettes marinating in a little olive oil. You can add some garlic to this, if you like.


Place your griddle pan onto the heat and wait until it’s piping hot. First add the prawns and cook for a couple on minutes on one side. Then turn them over and add the scallops. These only take a minute on each side, so the prawns should be cooked to perfection at just the same time as the scallops.

WP_20141018_071 1

A squeeze of lemon-juice and these are ready to be piled next to your korma and demolished! Delicious and nutritious in every way!

Thanks for reading & bon ap!


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