Flora & Fauna…

Nature’s beauty is at its best in the early morning hours.

This morning on my walk, I saw the following:

  • 3 deer
  • hares
  • a kestrel
  • pheasants
  • partridges
  • a bird of prey which I could not identify!
  • all the usual British birds
  • Keto-Kat

I love it when the deer burst out of the hedgerow. They then leap and sail their way across the fields, rising and descending like carousel horses; graceful and measured.

There are reasons why I am not completely paleo… If I had to catch my own diner, I would soon starve. Plus I would find it difficult to kill anything so beautiful. And when it comes to the hunter-gatherer’s degree of stamina and agility, my paunch would pretty quickly prove a barrier!

I have always thought that deer got one thing wrong however – the big fluffy white tail. Nature could not have designed a better ‘target’ if it tried!

Autumn is a beautiful time of year though; one of my favourite.

The last of the blackberries are still in the hedgerow and field-mushrooms push their way up through the turf.

WP_20141018_022          WP_20141018_025

Back to the paleo theme however; there is one thing I see on my walks which is DEFINITELY prehistoric…

These strange horse-tail plants. I don’t know what they are called officially, but I believe they are protected as an incredibly ‘ancient’ species. They certainly wouldn’t look out of place with the odd dinosaur roaming past. It’s pleasing to think that I can still see exactly the same thing, unchanged, as our ancestors saw it, though thousands of years have elapsed.

These particular ones border a pretty patch of irises, unfortunately long past their best in October..

WP_20141018_017        WP_20141018_020

Anyway; enough for now. I must get on with my day.

Thank you for reading,



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