Pep Up a Low-Carb Breakfast with A Peppery Radish!


Once the weekend’s finally arrived, it’s time for a splendid cooked breakfast!

The sound of sizzling sausages & spluttering scrambling eggs forms the perfect accompaniment to the radio’s cheery chorus.

And what better way to pep up a delicious low-carb breakfast than the addition of a handful of crisp, bright radishes…?

No recipe required, just trim the ends, halve them lengthways and sprinkle with a little sea-salt and cracked pepper.

Their delicate transition from deepest pink to translucent white renders them the true & undisputed ‘jewel in the crown’ of the breakfast table.  And they’re good for you to boot!

The one thing missing is a generous glob of hot, fiery, sunny English mustard.

What better way to start the day? Answers on a postcard!

Thanks for reading and bon ap!



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