Deliciously Different Low Carb Ideas! Warm Cream-Cheese, Garlic, Avocado & Bacon Salad with Rocket & Basil – Truly Sublime!


Some recipes taste so wonderful, you’d scarcely believe that they’re ready in minutes! Equally challenging is when you’re looking for something low-carb, but crave something just that little bit different! Well this dish is a winner all round… Decadently indulgent garlic cream-cheese sauce, warmly smothered over rich avocado, topped with crisp salty bacon. Truly a recipe that has it all!

I serve it here as a starter; but because it’s so quick, it would equally make the perfect ketogenic lunch or light low-carb supper. Like all recipes here, it’s suitable for diabetics or those following a paleo-plan; and as there’s no gluten; coeliacs can also dig straight in! There’s plenty to go around.

Start by finely slicing an onion and softening this on the hob in butter. After a couple of minutes, tumble in a good half-handful of cherry tomatoes and add a clove-&-a-half of finely chopped garlic. Cook these until the cherry tomatoes start to burst (circa 2 minutes) then add a couple of tablespoons of water to loosen the mix. Warm through, then remove the pan from the stovetop to rest.

Meanwhile, depending on your cooker and preferred method of cooking; grill, fry or oven-bake your bacon until deliciously crisp. As a guide to quantity, allow two rashers per person. Then transfer to one side to ‘take the edge’ off the heat.

Halve and de-stone your avocado and arrange this in a salad bowl. Pile up rocket leaves or other peppery green salad (watercress is absolutely delicious), forming an impressive mountain to one side.

Finish by chopping fresh basil leaves and adding these to the tomato & onion mix. Then stir through circa 100g or two heaped-tablespoons of full-fat cream-cheese. Once this is velvety smooth and amalgamated, pour lavishly over the avocado and drizzle a little virgin olive-oil over the salad leaves to add a bright glossy shine.

Then simply dig in! From start to finish, a sumptuous delight ready in 10 minutes flat. So enjoy!

Browse this and other recipes by picture on my pinterest page: country walks in ketosis pinterest.

Thanks for reading and bon ap!



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