The trouble with ‘family walks’…


My morning walk is a serious business. It’s a time for reflection, contemplation and ultimately a bit of ‘me time‘.

And then onto that calm scene bursts these two… As much as I love & treasure the two individuals who share my life and household, they are rarely a recipe for peace and tranquillity.

Where one goes, the other must follow; a boisterous double-act which jests, japes and jibes; only restful when every last bit of energy is spent (an evident problem on the ketogenic diet, where energy-levels are self-sustaining in contrast to the peaks and troughs of a glucose-metabolism…).

I suppose at least, I ought to be grateful for the company; certainly to the larger of the two… I just can’t help wishing however, we had a cat that wouldn’t follow us wherever we go. Every 5 yards there’s something new to pounce on, slowing up progress and causing a kerfuffle…

Whatever you get up to today, be sure to have patience with your loved-ones… you’d miss them if they weren’t there!

Thanks for reading,




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