Smoked Cod, Leek, Pepper & Parmesan ‘Pesto Parcels’ – delicious low carb fast food!

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Sometimes all we want is something that’s quick and easy but in no way compromises on taste! Well this recipe is just that! Team it with a green salad as a starter or light lunch; or serve with steamed vegetables and roasted celeriac for a more substantial main course. Either way, this is a perfect dish for those evenings when you’re late home from work and don’t fancy using every pan in the kitchen! A chopping-board, sharp knife and a baking-tray are all you need; then 15 minutes later, dinner is served!

The taste-combination of smoked cod, parmesan and basil-pesto is divine! The three flavours are all equally robust, so they complement & carry each other in perfect equilibrium. The vegetables go velvety smooth and the cheese melts down into the sauce, forming ‘swirling layers’ of flavour – it’s amazing how something so simple can deliver such profound results!

There’s practically no carbohydrate here at all, so ketogenic-dieters and diabetics will be in ‘food heaven’. As will those on a paleo-regime or coeliacs, as there’s no gluten to worry about; just food as nature intended!

On a sturdy chopping-board, finely slice half a leek and half a yellow pepper. Pile these into the centre of generous tinfoil sheets, then spoon a teaspoon of basil-pesto on top of each pile. Shave some parmesan curls into the centre with your knife, then lay your smoked cod fillets across the lot.

Grind on some black pepper, then fold the edges of the tinfoil into the centre to form square ‘parcels’. Onto the baking-tray they go, then into a hot oven for 10 minutes until the fish is cooked through.

When they’re good and ready, simply unfold the parcels and spoon the fish into your serving-bowls. Pour the vegetable contents and sauce all around, then pile up your green salad on the side. Hey presto, dinner is served!

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Thanks for reading and bon ap!



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