Cheeseburger ‘Des Vosges’ with Chorizo, Green Beans & Mangetouts – ‘cultured’ low carb fast food


I’ve always been a firm believer that you ‘can’t improve on a classic’! But I equally believe that you can give it a holiday! This dish does exactly that. The humble cheeseburger packs its passport and a weekend bag and departs on a European jaunt… one that takes in the best of culinary Spain and France all in one recipe!

Fromage Des Voges originates from the Alsace region of France. This territory has swapped ‘ownership’ countless times in history between Germany and France. As a result, it’s truly the ‘crossroads of Europe’ and steeped in heritage which presents a peculiar cultural identity. Its food is pleasing in its breadth and diversity and the cows which produce this cheese graze on what I can only term as a ‘herby cud’, inclusive of the odd pine-needle. The cheese’s depth of flavour is therefore second to none, with a dense almost chewy bite and mellow soft rind; just the thing to lend our cheeseburgers an interesting cultural twist and give them a story to tell after their travels! Naturally however, if you can’t get hold of ‘des vosges’; any full-bodied soft French cheese will hold its own admirably!

As for chorizo, this is always a ketogenic-dieter’s best friend! It’s low in carbs and possesses the remarkable ability to ‘pep’ up other ingredients by its delicious deep, savoury taste. I always keep some in the fridge to lend pizzaz when my vegetable supplies are getting low or simply border on the mundane. The cured sausage’s distinct ‘smoked paprika’ flavour, means that just a little goes a long way; making it the perfect store-cupboard staple for use in a vast array of recipes.

As always on this blog, this recipe is low-carb and great for diabetics and those on a ketogenic-diet. There’ll be no impact to blood-sugars or any change to insulin-levels (a good thing for us all!). There’s also no gluten, so those with an intolerance will be fine.  This recipe has another string to its bow however – it’s incredibly quick and easy; from fridge to plate in 20 minutes! This makes it a great dish for a week-night, when you’re late home from work and want something that’s fast yet packed with flavour! One final attempt to convince you…? It tastes wonderful in every way!

Start by preparing your vegetable accompaniment. Slice your chorizo into half-centimetre chunks and sauté in olive oil in a broad-based pan until the chorizo starts to brown. At this point add a finely sliced onion and a red pepper cut up into bitesized pieces. Soften these in the chorizo oil then crush in a clove or two of garlic and add a bit of chopped chilli to taste. Cook on a high heat then deglaze the pan with a generous slug of red wine or port. Top and tail your green beans and tumble these into the pan, adding a half-centimetre’s depth of water to the vegetables. Crumble in a stock-cube or two to provide some background flavour then leave to simmer on a low heat for 10 minutes or until the beans are cooked through.

Meanwhile heat a heavy-based pan or skillet on the hob then drizzle in a small amount of oil. When sizzlingly hot, place in your burgers and cook for two minutes on each side until brown. A comment I always make is ‘not to mother your food’. Don’t poke and prod at it; meat is ready to be turned once it comes away freely from the bottom of the pan., If you attempt to do this before the surface has sealed and caramelized, the meat will rip; and you’ll be left with an unattractive mess. Simply ‘nudge’ the burgers with a wooden-spoon; they’ll come away when they’re good and ready. Not before.

Having turned the burgers it’s time to layer on your cheese. Be generous here; no-one likes a miser. Once the cheese is piled up resplendently on top, transfer the pan to the oven to allow the topping to melt. At this stage, add your mangetouts to the vegetable pan and place the lid on firmly.

Cook both the burgers and greens for circa two minutes, until the vegetables have ‘lost their rawness’, yet still retain a defiant crunch. The cheese should be oozingly melted and delicious. Serve these up in jiffy and enjoy!

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Thanks for reading and bon ap!



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