New Year’s Diet? Why not try the ketogenic plan? Lose weight & become a fitter, happier, healthier ‘you’!

Looking to lose a few pounds in the new year? Why not give the ketogenic diet a go…?

  • Delicious, satisfying food
  • No hunger pangs
  • Fast, sustainable weight loss
  • Great for diabetics
  • A diet you can physically ‘test’ to be sure it’s working (take the guesswork out of progress)
  • Increased energy levels
  • Stable blood-sugars – no more energy peaks and troughs!

Browse the following links to find out more:

What is the ketogenic diet?

How does it work?

What can I eat?

To give you a flavour of the mouth-watering food, take a look at my recipes & browse by picture on my pinterest page: country walks in ketosis pinterest.

Give it a go and feel for yourself the difference it can make!

Make 2015 a year of change!

Good luck and thanks for reading,



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