A silent and stately waltz…


This morning, the sun hangs like a giant, splendid ball of fire against a cloudless blue sky. Despite its best efforts, there’s none of a fire’s comforting warmth. The air is crisp and clear, with a cutting bite, that warns all to dress up warmly.

I’m not alone on my dawn walk today. Six fallow deer are feasting on the rich green carpet of winter barley that’s pushing up valiantly through the icy ground. As they sense me coming, they sail away, like carousel horses, gracefully rising and falling to the stately cadences of some silent waltz only they can hear.

Theirs’ is an elusive beauty; as timid and shy as the creatures themselves. And so free! So effortlessly free! I often think they must mock my ungainly stomping, as I march round the field, clad in thick jumper, scarf and Wellingtons.

As they glide off into the distance, I wonder if they too are in awe of the natural beauty which surrounds them… I’m sure they must be. For it is their world, I’m simply an intruder, just passing through. There one minute, gone the next.

Whatever you get up to, be sure to venture outside and enjoy the day. For it is perfect.

Thanks for reading,



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