Week 8 – Sun 23rd November

Well, I’m eight weeks in now. Just to remind you all, I started the ketogenic diet at 15 stone, 10 pounds. My goal is 12 and a half stone, by mid-March 2015. This means a target weight-loss of 2lb per week.

Week Eight’s target-weight therefore? 14 stone, 8 pounds. Waistline measurement only once a month, so not this week.

If you ever have the bright idea to start a blog and publish your weight to the world; there’s no being precious about the results. Whether the outcome is good or bad, I’m committed to recording my progress as honestly as I can. Although I must admit, this isn’t easy.

I’m beginning to accept that this may take a lot longer than I’d first thought. My initial estimation of timescales was based on how easily weight fell off in my twenties. Things seem to be slowing down a lot now…

As long as the trend is downwards, I don’t mind how long it takes. I’ll get there in the end! And so, I step nervously onto the scales…

14 stone, 11 pounds. Thank goodness. The upward trend has stopped! A 1lb weight-loss from the week before is a definite sign that the plan is working; albeit slowly! I’m behind target by 3lb, but that really doesn’t bother me. I’m losing weight and that’s the main thing. I’m now 13 pounds lighter than I was eight weeks ago, so that’s definitely worth celebrating.

As I said last week; the great thing is that the regime is still incredibly easy to follow. I can honestly say this is no way feels like a diet! Could I restrict my food intake a little more and cut out puddings to speed things up? Yes, I’m sure I could. But I’m keen that this doesn’t become one of those exercises in punishment that standard diets have always been.

The plan is to eat liberally from the ketogenic ‘food pool’ and not worry about portion-size or cutting things out. This is certainly what I’m doing, and I’m still losing weight.

Portion-size is certainly not a problem. The fat-intake of LCHF means that you feel full and have no desire to pick. This is a huge difference to every diet I’ve ever done – always before I was feeling the need to reach for food every ten minutes. That is no longer the case and I could happily miss a meal without noticing. The volume of food I’m eating has radically reduced, and with it, a pleasing ‘stomach-shrinkage’, which means that the bulge sticks out less (I love that!). It must also mean that my blood-sugars are completely stable and under control.

All is good therefore. Several people have told me over the last few days “my, you’ve lost a lot of weight!” This is naturally music to the dieter’s ears and more than makes up for any concerns as to progress or the fickle nature of the scales. Speed is therefore of no consequence. It took me quite some time to get this fat; it will take an equal length of time to lose it again!

Food is still a joy, and I’m in no way tiring of the perceived ‘restrictions’. In actual fact, it’s quite the opposite! Sugary cakes and sweets suddenly look completely unnatural and the site of them really puts me off. They’re now the last thing I want to eat, which I find really positive.

And physically? Any changes to how I’m feeling?

No, still feeling in great shape! Any side-effects of the ‘big switch to ketosis’ are long gone. If you asked me to go back to my precious way of eating, the answer would be a definite NO!

Am I missing anything at all? In all honesty, the only thing is beer. Country pubs at the week-end look so appealing, but I know I’d be annoyed with myself for cheating. I’m off to Germany on holiday to visit the Christmas Markets in a few weeks, so I may indulge myself then, but certainly not at present!

Please do ‘look in’ on me next week to see if I make further progress towards my targets. I find it really positive to have people read this – the support is a massive encouragement!

Thanks again for reading, and have a great week,



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