Oven-Warmed Camembert with Truffled-Bresaola & Rocket – Meltingly Delicious, Minimal Carbs!


Who can resist the soft melt of warm camembert? It’s one of those things you can almost scoop off the plate! Its mellow, creaminess works incredibly well with stronger flavours. I’ve teamed it with the ripe taste of truffle-oil and the piquancy of chillies. It diffuses the heat of scotch-bonnets perfectly, and is further complimented by the nutty, peppery flavour of rocket.

To provide a bit of textural variation, I’ve added some finely sliced radish. This lends the salad a pleasing crunch. The rich heaviness of Bresaola counterpoints the other ingredients, by providing that all important ‘density’. The result? A symphony of taste and texture that is both satisfying and filling. And all without carbs!

Start by making the dressing. Put a teaspoon of Dijon mustard into a mixing bowl. Using your eye as guide, add a double volume of white-wine vinegar and a small squeeze of lemon-juice (half mustard to liquid). Grind in pepper and salt and then whisk smooth. Now start to beat in your truffle-oil. I use half truffle-oil to light olive-oil, but it all depends on how extravagant you’re feeling. Whisk in the oil in slow drips, so that it incorporates immediately. Once you’ve got four times the volume than you had of mustard-vinegar mix; give it a quick taste to adjust for seasoning and tartness. We want it sharp, but not unpleasantly so!

Shred your Bresaola with a sharp knife and toss this in a little of your vinaigrette. Position off-centre on the plate, and do the same with your rocket. Finely slice a radish and then cut it into strips. Sprinkle this over the salad, then chop a little yellow-chilli to garnish the dish and add some colour.

Meanwhile, slice your camembert into wedges. Place onto a non-stick baking-tray and oven-bake for a couple of minutes (maximum) until the cheese starts to give way around the edges. Make sure you consistently check its progress throughout this time – every oven is different, and the last thing you want to end up with is a pool of cream on the oven-floor!

Once warmed through, lift onto your plate with a palate knife, then drizzle a final flourish of dressing around the lot!

There’s only one word for this dish – delectable! I hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for reading and bon ap!



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