The ‘Big Breakfast’ Low-Carb Omelette – the joy of a leisurely Sunday breakfast every day of the week!

breakfast omelette

The ketogenic-diet can be problematic at one time of day – breakfast!

Trying to find time to cook healthy low-carb bacon and eggs, when you’re running late for work isn’t easy. Equally, when you’re still half asleep; it’s questionable whether you actually want to be standing over a hot stove! I’d rather be outside getting some fresh air and exercise, before I’m resigned to sitting behind an office-desk all day!

The solution I’ve found is to use the leisure and relaxed timescales of a Sunday morning to prepare a big hearty breakfast. The remainder of this can then be portioned up, to be eaten on those rushed mid-week mornings! The omelette can be eaten cold, or reheated in the microwave (1-2 mins) or oven (5 mins). This makes mornings a ‘piece of cake’. Diabetics and low-carbers, take heed.

Roughly chop smoked-bacon and add to a non-stick pan with a little butter. Following this, add chopped-up sausages or breadcrumb-free sausage-meat. Sauté until they begin to brown, then stir in sliced onion or leek (I prefer leek as it has a ‘softer’ taste for breakfast time).

Once these start to turn translucent, crank up the heat and add chopped mushrooms & courgette. Why raise the heat? We don’t want the mushrooms to leach their water – they need to fry to prevent this from happening. If the temperature is too low, they’ll just steam and release all their greyish liquid. This leads to a watery omelette and looks unappetising.

Once the vegetables are cooked, break six eggs into a jug and season well. You can add roughly chopped herbs to the mix if you like. Beat the egg with a fork then pour on top of your omelette ingredients. Incorporate the liquid routinely across the surface, by opening up gaps in the dry-ingredients, then closing them again once the egg-mix has seeped in to close the gaps. Then simply top the lot with grated cheese and place under the grill for 3 minutes until sizzlingly golden and brown.

Voila – breakfast is served. It couldn’t be easier.

Thanks for reading and bon ap!



One thought on “The ‘Big Breakfast’ Low-Carb Omelette – the joy of a leisurely Sunday breakfast every day of the week!

  1. Thanks Adam, for absolutely great recipes, great tips and today, how to cope with breakfast. I have put off starting the low carb diet because of the breakfast conundrum, but tomorrow I begin. If you have more breakfast solutions I would be happy to read them.


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