You’re the cream in my coffee…


When Marlene Dietrich sang “you’re the cream in my coffee, you’re the salt in my stew” it was obvious to those in the know, that she was following a ketogenic-diet!  That would also explain her perfect skin and figure!

One of things which may seem incredibly alien when first starting a ketogenic-diet, is the switch over from milk to cream in your morning-coffee.

I’ve never been a big fan of cream, so it was quite a big thing for me. Milk is most certainly off the cards, due to its high carb-content. Far better to allocate the daily carb-allowance to roasted celeriac or a generous serving of pudding; than squander it on a quick drink. But then how to get round the coffee issue?

Two things I’m not keen on….

1. Drinks that are so hot they take the roof off your mouth for the next three days

2. A normal white coffee that ends up tasting like a latte because the cream over-rides all taste of coffee-bean.

To avoid the former, you have to put so much cream in that you may as well be drinking a milk-shake!

To fix this, I’ve taken to diluting the double-cream with water, half and half. This means it behaves more like milk in lowering the temperature; but lacks the carbs. It also makes it more economical, as daily cream can get a little pricey!

A small thing I know, but if someone had suggested this to me when I first ‘made the switch’; it would have made my first week a little easier!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day,



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