Silesian Sokolow with Pumpkin, Celeriac & Cumin-Roasted Vegetables – a low-carb autumn treat; simple, delicious & bursting with flavour!

polish sausage

Because it’s Halloween, I naturally couldn’t resist cooking something with pumpkin. But this dish is a winner on any day of the year!

Sokolow is one of those sausages with such intensity of flavour that complex cooking will only serve to clutter it. The rich, spicy, salty tang, & course-ground filling are best left enjoyed just as they are. Any accompaniment will require depth of flavour that holds its own, but doesn’t compete.  That’s why I chose cumin – it has a warmth which compliments the sausages perfectly; so perfectly that there won’t be a scrap left on the plate!

This is one of those great ‘oven-only’ meals. Once prepared, you can just leave it in the oven and slowly start to relax into your evening. For this reason, it’s a wonderful thing to have up your sleeve on a week-night. And at this time of year, few things could be more satisfying than chunks of roast pumpkin and spiced pork. You’d never know it’s low carb! As such, it’s one of those ketogenic- / diabetic treats that’s really substantial & filling. So go on & enjoy…! We certainly did!

Dice your pumpkin, along with any other low-carb vegetables you have to hand. I used celeriac, celery, onion, peppers, leek & a few spring-onions I had left over. Pumpkin is higher in carbohydrate than the other vegetables; so make sure it only comprises about a quarter of the vegetables by volume. Sprinkle on a generous shake of ground-cumin, paprika, salt, pepper & crushed garlic, then pour on a good glug of olive oil. Mix with your hands to ensure that everything’s well coated.

Roast in a hot oven for 40 minutes, or until there is a slight browning around the edges of the vegetables. At this point, add your sausages on top, and cook for a further 20 minutes.

Et voila! It’s that simple… Serve with a small sprinkle of grated cheese and some freshly chopped herbs. Once you’ve made this, it will become a firm favourite in your repertoire. You’ll want to cook it time and time again. And at this low level of carbs, you can do just that!

Thanks for reading and bon ap!



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