Magical mushrooms. The field of dreams…

In the autumn months, the rich fruitful bounty of the English fields and hedgerows gives rise to an entirely different fruit. Fungi!

There is one field I pass on my morning walks, which is truly a field of dreams. From out the pasture emerges a carpet of strange, phosphorescent, magical mushrooms. They glow ethereally in the half-light of early dawn; like an army of silent, fallen angels. As the daylight encroaches, they give up their glow and the magic is slowly lost.

The breadth of mushrooms at this time of year is astounding. Some of them even look like bizarre flowers. The ‘good’, the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’ doesn’t really do them justice. They all seem to be pretty ugly, and I’m certain that a fair percentage would prove quite ‘bad’ if you were to attempt to eat them. I just look therefore; and quietly gawp at the rich variety of nature’s harvest.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the day!



mush 2

mush 3

mush 4

mush 1


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