Missed opportunities…

My mother always said I was never very quick off the mark… Well that definitely applies to my photographic skills!

On so many of my morning walks, I’m just too slow in reaching for the camera. I’ve missed deer, owls, birds of prey, badgers, foxes, fighting pheasants and (of course) the cat doing any number of ludicrous things!

Well this morning, my missed photo opportunity was a huge heron. It launched itself from the cover of the reeds, and sailed awkwardly yet majestically right over my head. Its long neck, sharp beak, huge wingspan and great hanging feet made it look just like a pterodactyl. This is supported by how slow they move. It’s not hard to see that birds are directly related to dinosaurs sometimes. This one looked like something straight out of the history books. And I was just too slow in reaching for the camera…

Nevertheless, in spite of these missed opportunities; it’s another perfect day in ketosis!

Take a look for yourself…



Thanks for reading and have a great day!



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