‘Zoodles’! The Vegetable Food-Revolution is Here! Low-carb, diabetic-friendly, vegan & gluten-free. They’ll change the way you eat forever!


Like a lot of people, I’ve always loved pasta. But pasta comes at a price! Weight-gain & bloat!

Pasta must be one of the worst things for diabetics. Whether white or wholemeal, it sends an instant hit of glucose to the bloodstream, catapulting blood-sugars sky high! Once insulin-levels have kicked into overdrive, to clear ‘the glut’; energy levels come crashing down again & the glucose-cycle kicks in, leaving you craving more starch even though you’ve just consumed enough calories to run a mini-marathon!

Regrettably my life is better off without it. Until now!

Introducing ‘zoodles’ (zucchini noodles as the Americans would say; courgettes this side of the pond). They could not be easier and work in a multitude of dishes. Think of them as a far better substitute for pasta, oriental & european noodles.

Spaghetti, linguine, tagliatelli, pad thai noodles, vermicelli – suddenly carbonara is a low-carb ketogenic dish!

All you need is a julienne-peeler (or Spiralizer – on my Christmas list!!). Peel the courgettes for a more ‘traditional pasta’ look, or keep the skin on. Peel down the vegetable with the julienner and leave to sit on kitchen-towel for half an hour or so. You can use them straight away, but there’s a small risk they’ll go a bit soft due to the high water-content.

I like to sauté them on the hob in a little butter or oil for a few minutes, but you can equally boil them in water for 1 minute or microwave them (covered) for two.

Their versatility is only matched by how good they taste in everything you try. No impact to blood-sugar, no bloat, no insulin-induced hunger-pangs… You may be getting the feeling ‘I couldn’t recommend them highly enough’… Well I can’t!

Thanks for reading and bon ap!



9 thoughts on “‘Zoodles’! The Vegetable Food-Revolution is Here! Low-carb, diabetic-friendly, vegan & gluten-free. They’ll change the way you eat forever!

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