Keto-NO-NOs; Keto-GO-GOs… Vegetables

‘Ketogenic Shopping’ is fairly straightforward.

At the start however, it can help to have a list of the good things to buy (keto-GO-GOs) and the things which are higher in carbs, thereby posing risks to ketosis (keto-NO-NOs)!

For specific foodstuffs, the New Atkins Carb Counter is a brilliant tool! It calculates the ‘net carbs’ of any food for you; which can often take away the guesswork! (More on ‘net carbs’ in a later post…)

In this blog, I aim to provide a quick reference-guide as to what to put into your shopping-basket; starting this week with vegetables.

As the guide is ‘quick reference’, it doesn’t detail the exact carb-count per item; rather groups them into three classifications:

  • Keto-GO-GO-GO: 2g or less
  • Keto-GO-GO: 5g or less
  • Keto-GO: 8g or less
  • Keto-NO-NO: 8g or more!

The below details ‘total carbs’ (not net). The reason for this? Net carbs will always be a lower figure. If you start with the higher of the two, you’ll never go wrong!

Keto-GO-GO-GO! – under 2g total carbs (not net) per 100g:

Bamboo Shoots

Broccoli (Green & Purple)

Cabbage (Green, Spring, Chinese not Red!)







Lettuce (Romaine, Cos, Iceberg & other ‘Leafy Greens’)





Keto-GO-GO! – under 5g total carbs (not net) per 100g:

Artichoke (Globe – Boiled or Tinned)


Asparagus (Boiled & Canned)



Beetroot (Raw, not Pickled or Cooked)

Brussels Sprouts

Cabbage (Red, Savoy, White)


Green Beans

Green Peppers (Capsicum)


Celeriac (Americans call Celery-Root)

Baby Sweetcorn (not Boiled or Tinned)








Pumpkin (Raw)

Tomatoes (Tinned, Cherry & Salad)


Keto-GO! – under 8g total carbs (not net) per 100g:

Beetroot (Pickled)

Red Pepper (Capsicum)

Carrots (Boiled & Raw)


Butternut Squash

Water-Chestnuts (Tinned)

Keto-NO-NOs – over 8g total carbs (not net) per 100g. Best avoided on a ketogenic diet!:

Jerusalem Artichoke

Beetroot (Boiled)


Sweetcorn (Tinned or Boiled, not Baby)

Potatoes (All)


Sweet Potato


If you look at the GO-GO sections, you’ll notice that anything green will pretty much be fine to eat!

How much of these should you eat?

GO-GO-GO: the name says it all! As much as you like!

GO-GO: a healthy portion-size (picture a handful), but don’t overdo it!

GO: be a little sparing. A small handful, especially when you’re trying to lose weight.

NO-NO: need I say more?

I hope this helps and thanks for reading,



13 thoughts on “Keto-NO-NOs; Keto-GO-GOs… Vegetables

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  6. As much as I agree with most of the foodyou put on your list I have one that I do not agree with.

    Cassava because you’re not counting the net carb and only taking in total carbs then I guess you’re right. But cassava has so much fiber and if boil and then cook it in butter or oil of choice you really see the benefits. I have a hard time going to the washroom on this diet / new life style but when I made my moms recipe and changed a few things for the keto diet, I finally felt relief just by eating half a cup of it.

    Thank you for your list though. 🙂


  7. This is really helpful but i have just one question; aren’t pickled beets boiled?

    I make pickled beets but i boil them to do it so i just want to make sure im not eating the wrong things.


    • Thanks for the comment and query Christina. Turnips are a great substitute. At around 5.8g not carbs per 100g, they are great as mash or dauphinoise. They can be a little pricey however, so I tend to use them as a seasonal treat! Happy cooking, Adam.


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