Week 3 – Sun 19th October

Well, I’m three weeks in now. Just to remind you all, I started the ketogenic diet at 15 stone, 10 pounds. My goal is 12 & a half stone, by mid-March 2015. This means a target weight-loss of 2lb per week.

Week Three’s target weight therefore? 15 stone, 4 pounds. Waistline measurement only once a month, so not this week.

I step onto the scales…

The previous week had been a huge disappointment! I’d been reading around the subject & had learnt that long-term carbohydrate-restriction requires increased levels of saturated fat to deliver sufficient calories. Obviously, I’m not yet in a state of ‘long-term carbohydrate-restriction’ – I’m still trying to lose weight; not maintain it! As a result of that misunderstanding, I’d upped the saturates and gained a pound. This at least was my theory.

Over the last week, I’ve aimed to assess the validity of that assumption and have ceased adding additional saturates. I’ve still been using liberal quantities of butter, cream & oil; I’ve simply not been adding these to my food where they’re not strictly needed. Has this worked?

15 stone, 4 pounds. Bang on target & a 3lb reduction from last week! I’m pleased, and really rather thankful! I’ve recovered any ground I’d lost and feel a lot better within myself. I’m now 6 pounds lighter than I was three weeks ago.

There is a stage of weight-loss where you start to feel a bit slimmer. I’m noticing this around my middle, lower back, chest & around the top of my arms. Obviously I’ve not measured this with a tape-measure; but I’m hopeful that ‘hard-fact’ will substantiate this in a week’s time when I take the first month’s measurements.

In addition to feeling that I’m making progress; how have I found it? Are there still side-effects from all this?

The headaches are still there occasionally, but almost all but gone.  Energy levels are up & I feel more of a spring in my step. I certainly feel more active! Mood is improving. I’m less grumpy, & the fact this seems to be working is definitely boosting my optimism.

Ketosis seems to carry with it a need for increased quantities of water. I’m still thirsty a lot of the time. I don’t know whether this has to do with ‘losing weight as the fat cells deplete’; or whether it’s a side-effect of the ketosis itself. Nicholas-James is also experiencing increased thirst-levels & the perceived rise in body temperature that I’d alluded to in earlier posts.

All in all, it’s been a good week. Motivation is still strong; if anything, it’s growing!

There are certain things I miss (trips to pub to drink beer mainly) but the increase in well-being more than makes up for this.

Next week, I’m hoping to push through the ‘half a stone’ barrier within one month. That only requires one additional pound from here on in, so if I stay in ketosis & keep focused, this should be more than possible.

Please do ‘look in’ on me next week, to see if I meet my targets. I find it really positive to have people read this – the support is a massive encouragement!

Thanks for reading, and have a great week,



2 thoughts on “Week 3 – Sun 19th October

  1. Thanks for the support. It means a lot! I was a bit worried after week 2 that I’d somehow got all this wrong. Feeling a bit more confident now however. The results speak for themselves & the diet is so easy to stick to. Shopping bill has rather gone up, but you can’t have it all. Thanks for reading, A.


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