Norfolk Crab, Avocado & Local Brown-Shrimps with Rocket & Parmesan-Shavings. Ketogenic Heaven!


This dish was previously part of another post: a ‘starter & main course combo’. I was asked if I could separate the two, to make it easier to search the recipes. This seems like a very good idea, so thank you for the suggestion!

Fresh local crab and brown shrimps with avocado, vinaigrette, rocket & curled shavings of parmesan cheese! You couldn’t get a more delicious low-carb recipe than this! We had it as a starter, but it’s also a great lunchtime or main-course dish. Just throw in some green vegetables (mange tout, broccoli &tc) to bulk the whole thing up a bit.

Incredibly simple… pile a handful of rocket into the centre of your serving plate. Halve the avocado lengthways. Then twist out the stone by chopping into it with a kitchen knife & giving it a sharp turn anti-clockwise. With a soup-spoon, scoop out the avocado flesh and place it atop the rocket.

Flake the crab onto the avocado, then dress the whole thing with vinaigrette. Finally scatter the shrimp liberally, season and finish with parmesan shavings. Sublime!

Thanks for reading & bon ap!



5 thoughts on “Norfolk Crab, Avocado & Local Brown-Shrimps with Rocket & Parmesan-Shavings. Ketogenic Heaven!

    • Second to the rayburn, they are my pride and joy! I am a bit of a traditionalist really; something modern and plasticky just wouldn’t quite be the same. And I know they’ll still be going strong in another 50-100 years. Built to last! (plus they look nice…)


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