A walk in the Arcadian state of Ketosis…

What better place to walk off a ketogenic breakfast than the fields of Norfolk.

Any weight-loss diet should naturally include the addition of exercise. It does get more strenuous than walking alone; but the resolution to walk at least one mile every morning (come rain or shine) aims to complement the dietary approach and get a little more movement back into life.

These rambles provide the perfect opportunity for reflection. Indeed, it was on one such ‘constitutional’ that I decided to start a blog and document my progress.

So, this morning’s mile-long walk. A grey Autumn day but still beautiful in every way.

WP_20141017_008                 WP_20141017_004

Round the field, then back through the garden.


Not quite the inspiration for improved body-shape (I am more of a javelin kind of guy); but it will do as a starter for ten!



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