Giving Up Smoking with ‘The Ketogenic Diet’…

Please don’t think for one minute that I’m claiming a ketogenic diet can help you give up smoking… I’m not!

What am I saying then?

Much like the extra weight; I’ve struggled with cigarettes my whole adult life. I’ve given them up a few times (once for over two years!); then for whatever reason I’d start again.

Every attempt to give up would result in my MASSIVELY piling on the pounds. This would depress me and I’d start smoking again.

I‘d almost begun to view cigarettes as a weight-management tool!

I was often quoted as saying:

“It’s easier to manage my weight when I smoke. I’d rather be a slim smoker than a fat non-smoker!”

Where does the ketogenic diet enter this equation? Simply that for the first time in my life, I’ve stopped smoking & it has had NO IMPACT ON MY WEIGHT!

I haven’t had a cigarette for 2 months now. Because there are no hunger pangs with LCHF, I haven’t been reaching for snacks, eating sweets, chocolate; or any of the other ‘comforts’ which creep in when you give up.

So no; the ketogenic diet does not help you give up smoking. But it’s really helped me control the other nasties that go with quitting cigarettes. Increased appetite, constant snacking, weight-gain… No issue.

People have said to me “What, you’ve given up smoking AND you’re on a diet?? No chance!”

The ketogenic diet has removed the additional barriers I used to face when attempting to quit. For me, this diet has made it a lot easier!

That must be a positive!

Please don’t think this blog is turning into a ‘self-help’ page; it’s not! All I’m trying to do is cover the full scope of life-changes this diet encompasses. For me, giving up smoking has been a big thing. Anything that can make that process easier is a big win!

Thanks for reading,